Surface Double Blade Road Trap

Arms Road Trap creates a fast and safe transit environment by ensuring one-way traffic in vehicle entry-exit points of car parks, shopping centers, building complexes and similar areas. The purpose of...



Trap Length1000mm - 10000mm
Trap Blade Height80mm
Trap Width700 mm
Trap Blade Thickness15mm
Trap Blade ModelDouble
Moving Part MaterialST44 Steel
Drive MovementElectromechanic Driven
Rising / Falling Time1-2 sec.
Control PanelPLC Board
Power SupplyThree-Phase AC 400 X (1±10%)V 50Hz
Safety SupportFotocel, Loop Detector
Operating Temperature-25ºC +50ºC
Compatibility with Access Control SystemsGSM, License Plate Recognition, Card Reader, Finger Print etc.
Product CertificatesTurkish Goods Certificate
Quality CertificatesISO (20000-1:2011, 9001:2015,10002:2018, 14001:2015), OHSAS (18001:2007)