16'' (15.6'' viewable) Pen Display, can display A4 size electronic documents vertically...


Battery-free V Pen design paired with a high definition display

The PD1611 features Electromagnetic Resonance Pen (EMP) Touch Technology with a Battery-free V Pen design. It also offers intuitive writing, drawing, and signage capabilities on its 1366 x 768 high definition display.

A superior and intuitive handwriting experience

The pen display has 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, 200 point per second (PPS) tracking speed and 5080 line per inch (LPI) touch resolution, which ensures the authenticity of each signature.


The ideal e-signature solution for paperless work flow

The PD1611 provides the perfect solution for companies that want to adopt digitalized and paperless management systems, utilizing e-signature technology with encryption capabilities, displaying A4 sized electronic documents vertically.


Up to 10 mm pen hovering capability for precise written work

Utilizing its hovering capability, the ViewSonic pen display can detect the stylus up to 10mm height away from the screen, for a convenient handwriting experience. Moreover, it accurately reflects the exact spot where the stylus touches the screen with an accuracy of ± 0.5mm, perfect for precise written work.


USB connectivity for more flexible use

With an integrated USB port to connect to a PC or laptop for data transmission, managing and storing your information is fast, easy and secure, providing simple customer-oriented solutions for everyday use.

Durable and sturdy surface

With specialized 8H glass treatment, work worry-free on a solid and scratch-resistant surface, delivering a durable and reliable e-writing experience.


Ergonomic design

With 11°-85° tilt adjustment, users can easily fit the display almost anywhere, placing it on low or high counters or other surfaces.

Kensington lock security and V pen holder design

With a Kensington security lock, businesses can securely protect the PD1611 from being stolen without restricting customer hands-on use. Furthermore, with a convenient, V pen holder design, it is easy to carry and safely store your V pen, adapting to any situation.


Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and other signature software

The ViewSonic pen display is compatible with Windows and Mac OS as well as supports e-signature software, which is easy to install.



  • LCD PANELDisplay Area: 344.232 (W)X195.538 (H) mm
    Optimum Resolution: 1366 x 768, 16:9
    Brightness: 220 cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio: 1000 : 1
    Viewing Angles: 130° (V) / 90° (H)
    Backlight: LED Light-Bar
    Surface Treatment: 8H tempered glass
  • CONNECTORVideo: USB2.0
    USB: x 1
    Power: Share with USB
  • TOUCHTechnology: Electromagnetic Resonance
    Touch Pen: Battery-Free
    Digitizer Resolution: 5080 LPI
    Writing Response: 200 PPS (point per second)
    Accuracy: ± 0.5mm (center), ± 2 mm (edge)
    Pressure Level: 2048 Levels
    Detectable Height: 5 - 10mm above glass