About us

Founding Statement

Established in 1996 as a distributor of electronic and office equipment and various programs with all its accessories In the Republic of Iraq and the United Arab Emirates in agreement with large companies in various fields , 
It has implemented many contracts with private companies, governments and ministries in that period The company has developed itself in many fields and developed its divisions to provide government departments, the private sector and customers with various electronic devices, safety and security equipment and various security devices, with the provision of maintenance and after-sales services, courses and training

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The goal of the company

We seek to achieve perfection and support effective scientific and economic development to participate in the reconstruction of the advanced infrastructure to build Iraq ...The company aims to build good relations in the field of trade and marketing based on scientific basis with all government departments, private sector and customers and continuous coordination to provide all integrated solutions to meet the reality of market needs. Our company is committed to provide the latest electronic devices and security equipment and advanced software of high quality, which qualified us to achieve the highest levels of effective participation with our customers made us trustworthy and commitment to those we deal with.