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SEDCO CONSULTA? Kiosks Series is suitable for long-time self-services like opening a new account They take digital branch transformation a step further by expanding hours and services without expanding the staff through the virtual assistance feature, where customers can reach service agents via video call 24/7.

With their ADA-compliant design, CONSULTA? Kiosks provide equal access for people in wheelchairs


SEDCO CONSULTA? Kiosks Series comes in the four models:

  • CONSULTA? 110
  • CONSULTA? 120
  • CONSULTA? 130
  • CONSULTA? 140


Some of the main functions that CONSULTA? Kiosks offer:

  • Universal instant card issuance
  • Money exchange and remittance 
  • Payment: Cash and card
  • Cards: Card dispenser/ printer
  • Customer identification: ID/ passport scanning, biometric verification, barcode reading, NFC, and others
  • Cheque services: Cheque deposit, printing cheque leaves and checkbooks
  • Printing: Receipts, A4 documents
  • Digital screen
  • Video call feature


Power of BI: SEDCO self-service solutions provide live dashboards and maps to monitor the status of each Self Service Machine

1 - Kiosk Visits Detailed Report
2 - Transactions Details Report
3 - Card Payments Transactions Report
4 - Current inventory details report
5 - Customer Transactions Logs
6 - Transactions Statistics
7 - Transactions Trend
8 - Revenues Growth Analysis

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