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Hospital Management Information System (HMIS).

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(HMIS) aims to automate hospital processes, including outpatient clinics reception, laboratory tests, radiology, pharmacy, emergencies, surgeries, medical statistics, blood bank, and more. It operates as a platform on computers and tablets, providing ease of use and precision in hospital operations, all accessible through computers and smart devices.

Determining whether an patient record management software makes sense in a clinics and nursing homes is not strictly a numbers game. It is a function not only of finance, but also of the quality of services provided, such as reduction in medical errors and regulatory compliance but also the effect it will have on the clinical and administrative staff.


features and modules for healthcare organizations:

  • It can launch patient portals that allow patients to book appointments, check health records, view test results, and communicate with the clinic or hospital.
  • It can integrate with 30+ modules, such as OPD management, laboratory management, financial accounting, barcoded reporting, and data analytics.
  • It can provide mobile app access for physicians, allowing them to view and update patient information, prescriptions, and reports from anywhere.
  • It can support multi-language and multi-currency options, making it suitable for international use
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