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B&S MEDIA E-Station S - Smart Podium

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e-STATION S is an advanced Smart Podium for classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, training centers, etc.
The Integrated Controller in e-STATION S makes it possible to control and utilize various equipment. Users can operate equipment by touching the LCD touch panel in E-Station S.


  • 19" Tablet Monitor with Height Adjustable Stand
    - Change the tablet monitor viewing angle for your convenience. Touch and control the computer screen with the touch pen.
  • Extra I/O Port
    - Connect equipment such as a Laptop, Document camera, USB, and additional Microphone.
  • 7" LCD Touch Panel
    - Control various equipment by simply touching the buttons.
  • Computer Mouse Pad
    - Control the computer screen with not only a pen tool but also a computer mouse for your convenience.
  • 19" Rack Shelves & Drawer (1&2 U Rack Type)
    - Mount equipment on a 19" rack-mount shelving unit or store your equipment on adjustable shelves.
  • Keyboard Tray
    - Utilize the keyboard conveniently on the e-STATION S.
  • Cooling Fan
    - It generates cooling airflow inside of the podium, allowing the components to run smoothly and last longer.
  • Mobile Design
    - Move the lectern easily. The 4 wheels make the lectern move easily.


Smart Podium Components

  • Tablet Monitor JPM-T19(19?)
  • System Controller JPM-C210E+CL7A
  • Power Amplifier JPM-PA200
  • lecture recording S/W E-Station PRO4.0
  • Speakers JPM-SP80 (x2)
  • Condenser MIC. JPM-MC100
  • Wireless MIC. JPM-WRX700




Size 860mm(W) x 1092mm(H) x 600mm(D) (34" x 43" x 24")
19-inch rack used for A/V equipment
Weight 70 kg
Equipment Storage Area 500mm (W) x 420mm (H) x 720mm (D)


Standard Features-

Material Poly Carbonate(Body) & Steel(Rack)
Motorized angle DC 12V / Gear type
Wheel-Sliding operation
Top Cover Secure Sensor
Cooling Fan Sensor The cooling Fan and Sensor Operate over about 45?C inside the body
Extra I/O Port Power outlet, USB, LAN, Composite, RGB, Mic. Audio jack.
Cabinet Finishes Gray /Silver
Mobility Roll-about, 4-wheels
Rack Mount Storage 19-inch rack-mount
Keyboard Shelf Pull-out shelf under e-STATION-Top
Security Locking front & sliding cover doors
Power 110/220/240V AC
Warranty One-year limited equipment warranty


Other Components-

LCD Tablet Monitor (JPM-T19)
Size 19" LCD Tablet Monitor (4:3)
Pen Wireless Electronic
Brightness 300CD/m2
Integrated Controller (JPM-C210E/CL7A)
Type Touch Panel control
Software Programmable Flash
UART RS-232 port use
Ethernet Remote Control via LAN
Wireless Microphone (JPM-WRX700)
Components 2CH receiver, 1 hand microphone, 1 Pin microphone
Max. Channels 32 Channels
Frequency Range UHF 740.00MHz / 752.00Mhz
Battery Life 8Hours
Microphone (JPM-MC100)
Type Gooseneck Microphone
Frequency Range 100~16,000Hz
Power Amplifier (JPM-PA200)
Power Output 200W (100W x 100W)
Input signals Analog AUX(L/R:RCA)
Unbalanced 4CH MIC. (Balanced: XLR)3CH
Output signals Analogue AUX(L/R:RCA)
Unbalanced 2 CH, Speaker connector(L/R)
Lecture Recording S/W (e-STATION PRO)
OS Windows(xp/vista/7)
Web-browser Windows explorer 5.0 or above
Description Lecturer's image and PC screen can be recorded at the same time(synchronized).
Content is saved as a WMV file.
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